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Traditional Mail

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Traditional Mail

The traditional method of delivering the mail through the US Postal Service has been in effect since 1792. Once laws were passed and the mail routes were created, the government then developed the mail system and have continued to implement the system ever since. Through the creation of the Internet helped to modify the mail delivery system and with the technological advances have changed the system of electronically delivering mail permanently. As the Internet has grown with a billion online users, so has how society communicates with each other.

Email is electronic mail that is sent and received through the Internet. Instant Messaging is the ability to deliver mail quickly to someone and Spam is electronic junk mail. The traditional “Mailman’s” position in society is being challenged on how the mail will be delivered to the public. The creation of the Fax machine and email system has phased out the mailroom clerk’s job as the company courier and online games. There is still a need for the Postman (or mailman) to deliver the mail however some of the mailman’s duties have been phased out due to technology. The downfall of technology is that because a lot of businesses are now utilizing the Internet, which is taking business away from the US Postal Service. The government has threatened to close many post offices because of the billion-dollar deficit from the US Postal Service. As society moves towards a paperless society, this will either create a better postal system or render it obsolete.

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